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1. It is used in the independent area for fiber patching in newly built communication equipment rooms and center equipment room.
2. The main distribution frame is dismantled after the removal of cable and after that the cable measuring room will be turned into optical fiber measuring room followed by the installation of optical fiber main distribution frame.
3. It adopts traditional MDF management mode.
☆Open aluminum alloy structure makes it easy for fiber patching, expansion and installation.
☆The frame is divided into three areas: cable stripping area, splicing and distribution area, jump fiber area. Separate and independent operation allows easy use.
☆The external line side and the equipment side adopt the same integrated tray to ensure the interchangeability and adaptability of the module.
☆ Patch cords are hanged up on both sides to prevent them from interweaving with each other.
☆The length of fiber jumper is automatically calculated and recommended by the software equipped.
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